About Confident Parenting

Laura Dodd is a world-renowned child behaviour specialist. Having spent 18 years consulting all over the world she uses her training, qualifications and a wealth of experience to help parents gain knowledge and understanding of child psychology and behaviour in order to help them parent confidently and calmly. 

With a background in child psychology and biological behaviour, she uses science-based methods to ensure children and parents are getting best practice techniques to raise confident, compassionate children. 

Working in hospitals, schools and private homes she has seen it all and never judges you, the parent, she simply wants to help you feel confident and happy in your chosen way of raising your children. 

"I started Confident Parenting as I found confidence was the main factor that made parenting difficult for many. Without confidence in yourself as a parent, it can be very tricky to implement and create a consistent environment for children. 

I provide knowledge to parents which in turn leads to confidence and that really shows in the children and in the family environment.

 I absolutely love being able to work with a family and leave them feeling on top of the world, to see their children's behaviour and their own turning from frustrating, confusing and often heartbreaking into light, fun, respectful and growing in confidence in themselves as individuals and as a family unit, it is an absolute blessing that I get to do this day in day."

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